Subframe Conversion

Here Now!

The image to the right shows a '90 R100GS, which I converted to '97 Kalahari specification. I achieved this by adding a shorter rear subframe from a '97 R80GS Basic.

Now re-manufactured by BAMW. This subframe is now manufactured in high grade stainless steel, which can either be polished by the customer or powder coated.

I have provided an economical alternative to buying a '97 Kalahari (cost approx. £14,000 - £15,000) with this custom built rear subframe, seat and rack kit for '87-'96 GS, R100, R80 and R100PD.

R80GS Basic / Kalahari combo kits are available. These include subframe, rear rack and left & right pannier frames -
£700.00 with no paint or £800 powder coated black

See our Luggage Frames page found here

The Gallery pictures, show the transformation of a similar bike as it converts from a standard 1989, long rear subframe bike to '96 R80GS Basic or Kalahari.

These subframes were designed by BMW, to be stronger in construction, than the longer original one, fitted to models between '87 & '95. The BMW OEM subframes can be subject to fracturing, when under extreme loads - RTW trips.

Our new subframe is even stronger than the '96 R80GS Basic, BMW item, being constructed from 19 x 2.5mm high tensile stainless steel tube, by local Derby craftsman, whilst retaining the same shapes and dimensions of the original.

Will fit R80GS, R100GS, R100GSPD and even R100R & R80R Parralever Motorcycles manufactured between '87-'96

This subframe allows you to transform your bike to one of the following options:

  • Convert your bikes, in one easy step, to a Kalahari or Basic rear chassis design, appearance and strength. Make yourself a clone or let me do it for you.
  • The ability to fit a single seat and rack arrangement, whilst still retaining their original 27ltr tank, if the subframe is used in conjunction with my unique, BaMW, rear seat rack, (no picture presently), similar in appearance to that one, in orange, fitted to my own bike, with the below pictured seat, for the perfect seat to tank fit. Custom suede seats in various colours, in development.
  • The ability to fit the small R80G/S, 19ltr fuel tank, as fitted to the '96 R80GS Basic, in conjunction with either a G/S dual seat or single seat and rack. Colour options being black, orange or blue. I have the decals & white headlight shells now for you too.
  • The ability to fit the '97 35ltr, R80GS Kalahari tank, in conjunction with dual or legendary comfortable single seat option.